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100% New Zealand Made

Contract light steel roll-forming manufacturing

Precision Light Gauge Steel (LGS) roll-formed solutions for smarter construction.

Our contract roll-forming services open up precision offsite LGS construction solutions for customers looking for a better way to build.

Our products range from framing, trusses, floor joists, flooring systems, purlins, to telescopic panels, struts, custom steel profiles and more. We will manufacture and assemble to your requirements with precision and efficiency, and deliver it to site ready to go.

You will be dealing with locals with the know-how and experience to add value and make your life easier.

Our products and the steel we use are 100% NZ-made; we pride ourselves on offering a first-rate service experience and end-product. Whatever your steel forming needs, stop by for a chat with us first.

100% New Zealand Made

Construction applications

A complete design, manufacture and supply service for the New Zealand construction sector.

We work with New Zealand businesses manufacturing practically everything LGS for group home builders, commercial interior contractors, multi-storey premises and carpark developments to electrical and mechanical support installers and shed builders.

As part of the Howick Group, manufacturers of cutting-edge roll-forming technology also made here in New Zealand, our contract manufacturing solutions provide a better way to build with.

  • Wall framing and trusses
  • Floor joists and floor cassettes
  • Struts and purlins
  • Telescopic panels for fast infill or retrofit
  • Custom steel profiles
Construction applications

Switch to Light Gauge Steel - The superior building material

With timber shortages and pricing eating up profitabiity, now is the perfect time to discover the benefits of working with light steel.

LIght steel framing offers many benefits over the traditional building materials - significantly, faster construction times, lighter materials that are easier to move onsite, precision accuracy for less re-work, minimal wastage, cleaner and 100% recyclable. And it is strong too - steel's weight to strength ratio is better than any traditional building material, so it will stand the test of time.

LGS roll-formed framing components out perform traditional materials. And being NZ-made and manufactured, you can get what you need onsite fast.

To make the switch to light steel for framing, talk to us today.

Switch to Light Gauge Steel - The superior building material

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