Bird Proof Purlins

Rollforming Services Boxed Bird Proof Purlins can be incorporated into C Purlin Portal, Structural Steel and Timber Pole Shed designs with ease. They are lightweight, dimensionally accurate and straight. They fit into shed structures utilizing the same joist hangers designed for use with SG8 and SG10 Timber. They can be used in Herringbone Sheds, Wintering Sheds, Dry Feed Pads, Critical Storage Sheds, implement sheds and canopies where Bird Proofing is a necessity.

There are 3 key reasons these Purlins are Bird proof

  • The enclosed box section means there are no lips or channels for the bird to perch on.
  • By mounting the Boxed Purlin between Portals rather than on top like other Purlin Products we greatly reduce the nesting points available to birds.
  • The product is symmetrical, which reduces rolling of the section under load, therefore allowing us to remove the girts and bracing required by other products. The traditional strap bracing can just be fitted above the Purlins.


  • No waste. The Purlins arrive on site cut to length ready to be installed.
  • Increased span, when compared to similar sized profiles of Steel, Timber and Laminated Timber Products. With our Boxed Sections we can span up to 9 metres in extra high wind and snow load.
  • Easy install, simply mount the Joist Hangers to the Portal during assembly on the ground, then carry your pack of Boxed Purlins up with you on the Cherry Picker or Scissor Platform, they can then drop straight into the hangers at each end ready for you to connect using Tek Screws, no cumbersome bracing or nuts and bolts to deal with.
  • No need to flash the lower flange or between top mounted purlins, therefore reducing labour and material costs on site. See our connection detail pdf’s to see how easily these attach to the building.
  • The Boxed Purlins are lightweight.

Bird Proof Purlin Span Calculator

Our Span calculator will give you your Profile, Spacing, Span capability for a range of Building Categories, and Building Types to assist your building engineer in the design of your building. This is supported by the Section Properties and Engineering calculations document.

Manufactured utilising the same AXXIS® Steel for framing that you see on TV, you know these purlins are covered by New Zealand Steels Durability Statement and that they will stand the test of time in New Zealand conditions. The High tensile steel provides ample pull out KN for all applications. As a standard BPP are manufactured using Z275 galv coated steel. If you require Z450 galv coated steel there can be up to a 12-week lead time from the mill, so please let us know at the time of specification so we can arrange to have this coil in stock in time to meet your site program.

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