Bird Proof Purlins

Using light steel manufacturing technology Bird Proof Purlins are designed with ready-made smooth surfaces on which there is nowhere for birds to perch.

With Bird Proof Purlins you get the strength of light steel which can withstand extra high wind and snow loads, along with longer spans, of up to 10m, which gives you more design options.

Birds can be a huge nuisance to a commercial property. The dirt and health hazards they create is a problem. You do not want expensive equipment or machinery sitting under a bird’s nest. Bird-proofing also helps meet hygiene requirements in food manufacturing.

Where bird-proofing is a good idea are:

  • Farm & orchard sheds
  • Coolstore
  • Wintering sheds
  • Dry feed pads
  • Herringbone sheds
  • Implement sheds & canopies
  • Commercial storages
  • Portal structures
  • Car warehouses
  • Clean warehouses
  • Food manufacturing facilities
  • C purlin portal, structural steel and timber pole shed designs where bird-proofing is required

Simple yet effective design. The enclosed box sections make the surface smooth, with no lips or channels for the birds to land on or perch.

This symmetrical shape not only has improved strength but also removes the need for restraints. Our Bird Proof Purlins sit between rafters, instead of on top, like other purlins (see images below). This has two benefits, it reduces rolling of the section under load and lowers overall build height, which is ideal in tight building zones.

Image description
Image description

Easy to work with

Our Bird Proof Purlins are lightweight and easy to handle. While they can be manufactured to up to 10m spans, they arrive on your site pre-cut to the exact sizes your plans require. That can save you a lot of time and can accelerate the build.

You can also use the same joist hangers designed for S8 and S10 timber.

Faster build time and reduced waste

Like all our products, your purlins arrive onsite, already cut to length, ready to be installed, so there is no wastage and build time is much faster.

Capping or plating with sheets of steel over the open channels of C purlins to make them bird-proof is time consuming and labour intensive - time and money you can better spend elsewhere. So we designed enclosed boxed steel purlins.


Our BPP are manufactured with high tensile, Z450 galvanised coated steel, to give the steel better protection from corrosion in open conditions, particularly in aggressive atmospheric conditions such as areas with high exposure to sulphur content and salt air.

Powder coated option

Our Bird Proof Purlins are now available in a range of colours, with a powder coated finish. Not only do they provide additional protection, powder coated Bird Proof Purlins can now be integrated into your design with an aesthetic appeal. They can be used in covered patios, large spans pergolas, car ports, lifestyle sheds, and more.

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Image description
Image description
Image description

Medium Wind Zone IL2 16-degree lightweight roof enclosed, no purlin bracing
Span Medium Wind Zone.png

High Wind Zone IL2 16-degree lightweight roof enclosed, no purlin bracing
Span High Wind Zone.png

Very High Wind Zone IL2 16- degree lightweight roof enclosed, no purlin bracing
Span Very High Wind Zone.png

Bird Proof Purlin Load vs Span Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the Bird Proof Purlin size, spacing and maximum spans for your project.

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bird proof loan vs calculator screen example with calculated results bird proof loan vs calculator screen example with calculated results

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