150mm Framing

Rollforming Services 150mm Framing is run from AXXIS® Steel for Framing using the latest Howick Frama H600 framing machine. So you know your framing is strong, straight and built to last.


150mm framing is perfect for residential high stud walls, mid floors and roof panels. Commercial internal and external walls, mid floors, inter tenancy and fire rated walls. It also allows for higher R Value to be achieved where energy efficiency or extreme temperatures are a factor. 


  • Frames can be designed using the following software Vertex, Revit, Sketch Up, Framebuilder MRD, Truss D&E, Tekla and Howick Panel Software. Our preferred partners choose Vertex Software. 
  • If you have a small project and want to have a go yourself, request a down load of our free Howick Panel Software. 
  • Alternatively for projects large or small send your plans through via our, enquire now section for a free quote. One of our detailers will be in touch with a budget price and to discuss your project. 
  • 150mm framing is designed to be used with all other frame, joist and truss profiles. We partner up with providers of these across New Zealand to deliver you a complete package. 

To request a copy of our Design Capacity Tables please register your interest via the Contact Us link on our website. 

As of May 2019 The NASH Standard Part 2 has been made an Acceptable Solution by MBIE and is available from the following link http://nashnz.org.nz/publications/ along with NASH’s other publications. Now is a great time to start your journey in light weight steel construction 

  • NASH Standard for Residential and Low-rise Steel Framing Part 1: Design Criteria 
  • NASH Standard Part 2: 2019 Light Steel Framed Buildings 
  • NASH Building Envelope Solutions 
  • Building Basics – Lightweight Steel Framing 2nd Edition 


150mm framing is manufactured from AXXIS® Steel for Framing and back by New Zealand Steels 50 year durability Statement. It is a hot dipped galvanised steel with a coating weight of 275gram/sqm, in line with other common lightweight steel structural building products. 

This gives good protection in most exposed internal environments, and for external use in moderate marine environments. Where used in a lined interior dwelling, a thermal break should be installed between the framing and the cladding to avoid thermal bridging. Where sections are exposed to salt spray but not rain washing, maintenance is required to remove any build up of salt deposits on the surface. 

Run off from, or contact with, materials which are incompatible with zinc should be avoided. 

Handling and Storage

150mm framing should be kept dry during storage as water present between close stacked sections will cause premature corrosion. Once the frames have been stood up on site and the building is wrapped a quick blow down of the upper frames to remove loose swarf and excess moisture as well as vacuuming out of the bottom track is all you need before organising a pre line inspection. 


150mm framing is pre punched and cut to length in our machine using machine files generated by the design software specifically for your project. Each stud, track or brace is cut to length and marked to a plan. It arrives on site either pre-assembled in our factory or flat pack cut to length ready for your builder to assemble. All you need is an impact driver and driver bit. We provide an easy to follow plan and the fasteners required to screw the pieces together. We recommend maximum wall dimensions of 3m x 6m for pre-assembled walls, for flat pack bundles the longest length is only limited by the available transport and handling facilities. Standard track and stud lengths can be run for commercial interior type walls if required, but we do recommend taking advantage of our design software. 


  • Cutting onsite is preferably done by tin snips, hacksaw or cold cut saw.
  • When using abrasive disc blades care must be taken to ensure the swarf produced does not affect other materials and the burred edge should be cleaned off at the completion of cutting, followed by a coat of zinc rich cold galv spray.

WestPac Helicopter Hanger - Framing 

We recently had the opportunity to supply our products to the new Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust.

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