Bird Proof Purlins vs Laminated Timber Beams

By using Rollforming Services’ Bird Proof Purlins instead of laminated timber beams, a homeowner saved $4000 on his dream home.

Anthony built his dream home on his family farm in Omata, New Plymouth.

His site was situated high on a ridge with full command of stunning sea and mountain views. To maximise the views he created large living areas with equally large open spans. This meant the house requires additional structural strength, particularly so because of the exposure to very high winds.

Most of the house and rafters are built with timber frame, but for the living and dining areas the cost of 240mm deep laminated timber beams meant blowing the budget. So Anthony did some research on the internet and came across Rollforming Services’ steel boxed purlin product.

The specified 5.6m span was easily achieved with our 240mm deep Bird Proof Purlins which were used as beams, and were connected to the timber and steel structure using standard joist hangers supplied by Simpson Strong Tie.

As the steel beams are much lighter than their timber equivalents - at 36kg each - they could be lifted into position without specialty lifting equipment. Of course, the best news for Anthony was the $4000 saving achieved using our product.

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