Westpac Helicopter hangar extension features Rollforming Services’ 150mm Framing and Tophat Purlins

Ardmore, Auckland
When Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust moved from Mechanics Bay to a new base in Ardmore – a modern building with enough space for their helicopters, training facilities and staff quarters – Rollforming Services manufactured and supplied 150mm Framing and Tophat Purlins for the build of the extension to the existing shed.

We were pleased to be a part of this project, especially considering the incredible job Westpac Rescue Helicopters do all over New Zealand, helping kiwis in emergencies or flying them urgently to hospital.

Project challenge & solution

The hangar doors on the existing shed were too low to fit the BK117 Bolkov Kawasaki 117 helicopters, making it a difficult task to get the helicopters inside the hangar. Therefore, it was necessary to design and build two new 15m wide by 5m high door openings. Mac Consulting, engaged as engineers for the project, proposed an extension to the front of the existing C-Purlin and Tophat portal shed. They were also able to work out the engineering for the solution with the help of Rollforming Services’ span tables.

More than happy with the result

The extension utilised Rollforming Services’ 150mm Framing and Tophat Purlins, and Central Steel Framing’s trusses with a back-to-back configuration.

Armed with Mac Consulting’s original design and the site measurements from Builder FX, our detailer was able to generate panels that were easy to freight and handle. The panels were then manufactured accurately, which made them easy to fit in place by Builder FX onsite, and leaving no waste or unnecessary re-work.

Builder FX was more than happy with the result. They found that everything was easy to manage onsite and all the steel panels and trusses fitted together perfectly.

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