Oceania Career Academy level 3 building course student visit 10th May 2019

In May 2019, our Level 3 students were able to go to Rollforming Services Ltd in East Tamaki to meet Steve Cook and hear about the work that they do. We watched a presentation on our how steel is made at the NZ Steel plant in Waiuku - we are the only country in the world to make it from our beautiful black sand beaches.

The process of refining the sand into a steel product is a long and hot one but the applications for steel in the construction industry is changing the business. We saw how roll-forming can increase the size and bearing of steel frame houses in comparison to wood and how it is able to cut down on manufacturing and building times dramatically. Then the students moved into the working area of the plant and were given a kitset steel frame to erect. Four teams of students and one of tutors set to a race against the clock to build their sections and it was Cornelius, Darrian and Hayden that were able to win the race!

It was great to see the students all working together and learning in a hands-on way how steel will become a large part of their futures in the construction industry. As the final building came together it was great to hear that some of the students were becoming very interested in a career with Rollforming Services and their partner companies and will be putting themselves forward for roles as they graduate course.

“Best field trip ever” was thrown around on the drive home as everyone was able to learn and have fun at the same time. A huge thank you to Steve and his crew at Rollforming Services for having us and donating the shed to our school, we will place it with pride in our workshop to further inspire new students!


Courtney Wilson
Industry Engagement Lead
Oceania Career Academy


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