30mm Ceiling Batten

Rollforming Services DS30mm Ceiling Batten Direct Screw or Clip Fix Batten is designed as a direct replacement for timber battens for both internal ceilings and wall linings.

At 600mm spacing’s it can span up to 1200mm.

It is available in 0.55mm G250 Z275, lengths are available from stock or you can choose to have them run cut to length to reduce waste on site.

Also available are a full range of Hanger Brackets, Wall Brackets, Angles, Perimeter Channels, and a Strong Back system for suspended ceilings.


All products are Z275 Galv coated backed by the manufacturers 50 year durability statement.

Ceiling Battens are manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel with a coating weight of 275gram/sqm, in line with other common lightweight steel structural building products.

This gives good protection in most exposed internal environments. Run off from, or contact with, materials which are incompatible with zinc should be avoided.

Handling and Storage

Ceiling Battens must be kept dry during storage as water present between close stacked sections will cause premature corrosion. If they become wet they should be separated and stacked openly to allow for ventilation to dry the surface.


Ceiling Battens are available in long run lengths up to 12 metres, depending on the available transport and handling facilities. Stock lengths may be available from your local stockist.


Cutting is preferably done by shear or hacksaw. When using abrasive disc blades care must be taken to ensure the swarf produced does not affect other materials and the burred edge should be cleaned off at the completion of cutting.

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