Shaping the future of steel frame construction

As demand for skilled talent in the construction sector increases, so does opportunity for young Kiwis to move in and step up. For this to happen, it is crucial their training reflects the ever-evolving industry.

The team at Rollforming Services Ltd opened their factory doors to 60 pre-trade NZMA students to educate them about steel frame construction. The event was supported by representatives from Speedfloor, SteelHaus and NZ Steel – all providing insights into the benefits of building with steel. At pre-trade level, the students are still in the process of selecting a career pathway in the construction industry – so the visit was a great chance to consider steel frame construction as an option.

Known for providing top quality training with an emphasis on practicality, NZMA prides itself on teaching real skills. The best way to learn in the construction industry is to do it yourself, and the visit to Rollforming Services Ltd gave students the chance to get hands-on. After receiving presentations from industry experts, the students worked together to construct their own shed – along with the NZMA logo. The students were completely engaged in the experience and impressed with the speed in which they were able to construct the shed – in particular, how light and easy it was to assemble.

NZMA Senior Tutor, Aaron Reid said, “it gave our students a chance to have a hands-on experience and to learn far more in-depth knowledge about steel framed construction than we currently deliver to them through their assessments.”

He added, “it is crucial for our industry that we have businesses like Rollforming Services Ltd that are prepared to educate new students entering the construction industry about the different options we now have available to us to build with.”

Visiting Rollforming Services Ltd broadened the students’ perspectives on their career options in the construction industry and opened their eyes to the benefits of building with steel. For some, the experience was potentially career-defining – with many students now considering a future in steel-framed construction.

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