Telescopic Panels

Telescopic Panels

Finally, infill framing that always fits.

Fed-up with infill framing frustrations? Our new telescopic panels make it easy to frame interiors, even when you have the most uneven and non-level of spaces to deal with. Expandable panels extend upwards and outwards on each side, so they always fit.

Telescopic panels for commercial interior framing are made here in NZ on our Howick X-TENDA 3600.

They cut the need for constant measuring and remeasuring, snipping, and adjusting onsite. Any doors and windows within the panels are fixed to remain perfectly square at all times. That means you save time, effort and reduce wastage too. And they make levelling up soffit panels a breeze.

Telescopic panels with two-axis or multi-axis extensions are pre-assembled and compressed for delivery. Frames are strong, lightweight, and retractable, so they are easy to move around onsite, even in tight spaces. Then expand and secure for a fitting end, every time.

Soffit Panels can be produced that adjust up or down across the frame to a set height. This makes accurate levelling up a breeze, as allowance can easily be made for non-level horizontal settings.

Soffit Panels.jpeg


Two-Axis Expanding Panels adjust upwards and outwards to fill the available opening. Within the frame itself, doors and windows remain perfectly square.

Two Axis Expanding Panels.jpeg

Multi-Axis Expanding Panels adjust upwards and outwards on both sides. This allows for different angles within the available opening. 

Multi Axis Expanding Panels.jpeg

Telescopic Panels are easy to install and move around in tight spaces.

Put an end to detailed measuring, remeasuring, cutting, and snipping onsite to fit infill panels.

Watch the installation video here

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